Mumbai Art Room Annual Benefit

19 September - 28 September 2019



For its 2019 annual benefit, Mumbai Art Room is delighted to announce that compelling contemporary artist, Shakuntala Kulkarni has designed limited edition headgears, from the series “Untitled” currently on display in the Indian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.



The limited edition sculptures will be on display at Mumbai Art Room from September 12th to 28th. Mumbai Art Room supporters acquiring the editions will be invited to our benefit dinner, held on November 12th to commemorate the success of the lab, and to contribute to the coming year’s annual program and operating expenses of the charitable trust.



Shakuntala Kulkarni employs the expertise of rural artisan skills along with her urban contemporary thinking to co-create cane armour for women. This ongoing collaboration and learning process dissolves socio-economic disparities and collectively readdresses the use of the medium. The identifiably intricate bends and binds exemplify the precise craftsmanship that the human hand is capable of. Reflecting on the condition of women - this piece is part of a woman’s armour for protection but ultimately becomes a caging hindrance in its functionality and imposed purpose. As Ranjit Hoskote states about Kulkarni’s piece[s], “...the body pays for this protection with its freedom. The armour becomes a cage, protected by, yet trapped within, an exoskeleton.”

Shakuntala Kulkarni is a Bombay based, Karnataka born multidisciplinary artist who was trained at the Sir JJ School of Art, MSU Baroda, and Santiniketan. Originally trained in painting, Kulkarni’s work continued in the vein of addressing large audiences. Her work shifted from flat surfaces to sculpture, performance, and new media and is primarily concerned with the plight of urban women who are held back by traditional patriarchal constraints, experiencing fear, uncertainty, and anxiety that comes from those restrictions.