Manga After Fukushima

13 March 2015 at 5:30pm

A talk with Ryan Holmberg at Project 88

BMP Building, NA Sawant Marg, Colaba


Ryan Holmberg is an art and comics historian who was living in Tokyo at the time of the 2011 tsunami. He has researched and written about manga (Japanese comic books) produced in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, and is currently preparing for publication an English-language translation of a collection of manga dealing with nuclear reactors.

In this talk, Ryan will provide an overview of manga responses to nuclear power in Japan. He will begin with the Atoms for Peace era of the 1950s and proceed to look at stories dealing with "nuclear gypsies" (subcontracted janitorial labourers) in the early 80s, before focusing on recent works. He will show how the tsunami and meltdown (which are oftentimes collapsed in popular imagination) evoked different types of responses, and illustrate how artists and publishers have exercised and weathered censorship with regards to the politics of the 3/11 issues.

This event is in conjunction with exhibition screenings of ​​The Radiant by The Otolith Group at Project 88 and Untitled (Human Mask) by Pierre Huyghe at Mumbai Art Room.