The Inter-Species Token Game: An Econautic Proposition


The ‘Inter-Species Token Game: An Econautic Proposition’ workshop is part of the ongoing exhibition ‘History Zero| Iστορία Mμδενby Stefanos Tsivopoulos. It will take place from 10am to 5pm at the Alliance Française Auditorium, in Alliance Française de Bombay, 40 New Marine Lines on the 5th of August, 2017. 

The program will consist of an introduction to the work of Economic Space Agency ( in the field of crypto-economy from 10am to 12am, followed by a gaming session from 2pm to 5pm. 


It is an invitation to imagine finance anew, with a hacker’s attitude and a spirit of collective poetic experimentation. The workshop responds to the financialization of everyday life, where finance capitalism hangs above like an extractive cloud. For most of us, finance is a predatory practice that takes more than it gives. But what if at the heart of finance, we found a logic of active offering?

The Inter-Species Token Game is a playful experiment about self-issuance and social liquidity production. It responds to the question raised by the Occupy Wall Street movement, following the 2008 financial crash – which triggered an ongoing global crisis – “How do you occupy an abstraction?” The game takes finance as an expressive medium, as a way of foregrounding the social logic of the derivatives and appropriating the tools of finance to explore, and propose, forms of entanglement between human and non-human actors. The game and the accompanying workshops that will take place throughout August seek to re-invent finance as a collaborative practice of crafting futures and re-thinking value at the end of the economy.


The Inter-Species Token Game is a game-based artwork, proposed by the Econautic Consultancy and Economic Space Agency. An offshoot of Robin Hood Coop, Economic Space Agency (ECSA) is a young and experimental start-up specializing in the development of new radical crypto-financial tools for socially network production. The Econautic Consultancy is an emergent practice dedicated to thinking artistically and politically at the end of the economy. It is composed of Erik Bordeleau, Skye Boughsty-Marshall, Laura Lotti and Joel E. Mason. Erik, Skye and Laura will be present for the program and subsequent sessions throughout August.


To explore practices of commoning already at work, the Mumbai Art Room has invited several collectives and organizations based in Mumbai to participate in this first experiment taking place at Alliance Française on August 5th. The invited collectives include Clark House initiative, SEA, CONA, Maker’s Asylum, the Godrej culture Lab, What About Art? and Dharavi Art Room.


The project will continue through the month of August, with weekly Acceleration sessions being held at various locations around the city:

  • ‘Weather is Water with a (Financial) Attitude: Derivatives and the Dividual Making of Liquidity’ will run from 3pm to 6pm at SEA, on August 10th. 
  • ‘Weather is Water with a (Financial) Attitude: on Volatility’ will be held from 6pm to 8pm at Maker's Asylum, on August 18th. 
  • ‘How to Occupy an Abstraction? Social Justice as (Strike) Option’ will take place from 2pm to 5pm at Clark House, on August 22nd. 
  • ‘The Logic of the Offer’ will be held at CONA,  on August 20th (time to be confirmed).

The program is open to the public, who are invited to attend and participate in the workshop at the Alliance Française and at the Acceleration sessions.


About the Acceleration sessions’ hosts:


Clark House Initiative was established in 2010 in Bombay by Zasha Colah and Sumesh Sharma as a curatorial collaborative and artist union concerned with ideas of freedom. Strategies of equality have informed their work, while experiments in rereading of histories, and concerns of representation and visibility, are ways to imagine alternative economies and freedom. Clark House Initiative intends to actively recall political and artistic figures into contemporaneity and to question the recent rise of fascism in India based on exaggerated rumors of economic prosperity and nationalist pride. 
Amol K Patil and Yogesh Barve are the current directors.


The School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) is set up and run by architects, educationists and experts from various fields related to architecture. It is conceived as an experimental space for architectural education. SEA is set up not only as a response to demands of professional education in the region, but more importantly towards setting up an academic space that furthers the discipline of architecture, enlarges it and makes it relevant for contemporary and future times. SEA currently offers full time 5-years bachelors degree course in architecture. 


CONA is an artist run space geographically situated in OSBO (other side Bombay) that organises workshops, talks, residencies. It attempts to become a bridge between the vernacular and the sophisticated - thus highlighting the art district of Mumbai. The thought of CONA germinated from a shared studio situation. It is set up with an aim to create an *Adda* situation - which acts as a parallel pedagogic system - to dissolve the hierarchies of art and design, and open up the possibility for cross-pollination. Their curatorial projects like Bartered Collections, Other's Other and Escape in a Diorama have grappled with the practices of translation, market systems, exhibition design, archive and the politics of collection. As a part of its programming, CONA has initiated an in house print-studio and a Design Cell to look into the praxis of art and design.


Maker's Asylum FabLab is a community MakerSpace based in Mumbai and Delhi that allows collaborative ideation. It brings together interdisciplinary activities covering Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) to foster a culture of innovation, exploration and learning.     
A co-working space offering Digital Manufacturing tools and training on 3D printers, Laser cutter, IOT and Carpentry lab to make your ideas happen.  


About the ECSA team: 


Erik Bordeleau is a philosopher and cultural theorist. He is a researcher at the SenseLab (Concordia University, Montreal). He is the author of Foucault anonymat (Le Quartanier, 2012, Spirale Eva-Legrand 2013 award) and of Comment sauver le commun du communisme? (Le Quartanier, 2014). His work articulates at the intersection of political philosophy, social theory, art and cinema studies.

He has published numerous articles translated in many languages and has co-edited many publications (for more details, see He collaborates intensively with Economic Space Agency and has co-founded the Econautic Consultancy with Skye Bougsty-Marshall, Joel E. Mason and Laura Lotti, an emergent collective practice dedicated to thinking artistically and politically at the end of the economy.


Skye Bougsty-Marshall is a militant researcher and international attorney. He is an Econautics Engineer at the Economic Space Agency and co-founded the Econautic Consultancy with Erik Bordeleau, Joel E. Mason and Laura Lotti, an emergent collective practice dedicated to thinking at the end of the economy.

With a background practising public international human rights and environmental law, Skye has worked with numerous communities around the world across a range of issues. Focusing on the construction of plastic cages and dissipative value exchanges, Skye's current work interrogates the nature and scope of post-human, post-cynical autonomy.


Recovering academic with a background in economics, software studies and philosophy, Laura Lotti has long been involved with Bitcoin and token-based economies, investigating the transformative potential of blockchain technology on financial and social systems, with a specific focus on the cultural sector. She has published several articles on the topic and explored these aspects through art projects and collaborative practice - among which, Sydney Biennale 2016, First Draft (Sydney), Frontyard Projects (Sydney), SenseLab (Montreal). For more information see:

She has co-founded the Econautic Consultancy with Erik Bordeleau, Skye Bougsty-Marshall, and Joel E. Mason — a distributed self-evolving collective dedicated to exploring and experimenting with the artistic, political, and poetic side of finance.




Project supported by Alliance Française de Bombay, the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre - Mumbai Section, Economic Space Agency, Clark House initiative, SEA, CONA, Maker’s Asylum, Bellas Artes Projects and RRO.


History Zero