Moving In / Moving Out

20 June 2016, 6 PM

With Sumona Chakravarty, Latika Gupta and Shubham Roy Choudhury 

How do artists working with communities over long periods of time negotiate the series of entries and exits that they make? How do they decide if and when to leave altogether? How do they think through the process of transferring ownership?

What are the unanticipated forms of support they encounter? How can this unexpected patronage also be acknowledged?  Do we need to re-think who our patrons are?


Sumona Chakravarty from Hamdasti will present Chitpur Local. This ongoing project was developed collaboratively with the people living in Battola on Chitpur Road, Kolkata. Initiated in November 2013, it explores the role of art in re-activating histories of cultural production. 
Latika Gupta will present a permanent exhibition she curated at a trade-routes artefacts museum in Kargil, Ladakh. The project at a family owned museum raises questions about the relationship of museums with local histories and the communities they claim to represent.
Shubham Roy Choudhury looks after the Arts Practice Programme at the India Foundation for the Arts. He has done his Masters in Film Studies from Jadavpur University and Research Training from Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta.


Moving In / Moving Out is supported by India Foundation for the Arts. India Foundation for the Arts is a national, not-for-profit grantmaking organisation that supports practice, research and education in the arts in India. Established in the year 1993, IFA has supported over 440 grants across the country. Hamdasti was supported by IFA between January and June 2015. Latika Gupta received a fellowship from IFA under its Archival and Museum Fellowships, supported by Inlaks Foundation, for her work in Kargil. 

Chitpur (dis)Local and all of its programmes are supported by Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation. 



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