Hungry Art

16 June & 17 June 2016, 6-8pm

A workshop with Rohit Goel

This workshop interrogates the relation between contemporary art, society, politics, and economics in the global periphery through a close reading and discussion of selections from Franz Kafka’s “Before the Law,” The Castle, “A Hunger Artist,” “Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk,” and “Investigations of a Dog.” With capital’s defeat of Communism in 1989, museums, galleries, and non-profit art platforms and residencies across the world have cultivated and solicited a genre of "Third World" art practices that ostensibly intervene to liberal social, political, and economic ends. Reading Kafka challenges postwar assumptions about what aesthetics ought to be. Should “Third World” art have to cling to bare life, to a humanitarian ethics of not starving, or can we be hungry for an alternative transnational vision and politics? 


Participants are expected to read and prepare to discuss Kafka in relation to their own art practices.


Rohit Goel is Academic Director of Jnanapravaha and a PhD Candidate in Political Science and Lecturer at the University of Chicago.

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