Launch date: 15 April 2015

Deadline: 30 June 2015



With the generous support of Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, Mumbai Art Room is happy to hold its first open call addressed to artists and curators all across India.


We are inviting proposals for a collaboration between an artist and a curator to be realised in the form of an exhibition. The artist and curator will apply together with a joint-project. While the strength of individual portfolios will be taken into account, our interest is primarily in what you will do in coming together and how that is informed by, while simultaneously departing from, what you could do, as artist or curator, on your own. This will typically require an awareness of what you bring to the table by way of your own practices and preoccupations, as well as an understanding of each other’s work. Beyond this, we also encourage you to consider the productive possibilities embedded in knowing that what both of you want out of the process might in fact differ.


In preparing to work together, we ask that you re-assess, amongst yourselves, the terms implicit in the artist-curator contract. What do you expect from each other? What function do you feel you ought to perform? To whom are you responsible? To what are you committed? Why? If it were up to you, would you redefine the rules of engagement between the figure of the artist and the role of the curator? How would this redefinition expand the notion of exhibition-making? What implications would that have, if any, for the question of authorship? (We do not expect you to answer these questions directly. Deem them prompts for you to play with and allow them to inspire the shared ground of your thinking.)


In your proposal, we want you to tell us what you will do and how you plan to go about doing it. It is important, wherever possible, that you indicate what labour will be shared and also how labour will be divided. (Intellectual labour, like of writing, included.) You may choose, for example, to work more or less independently towards your own objectives, acknowledging that what binds you together, as artist and curator, is simply the space and time of the exhibition. We are open to all forms of artistic and curatorial practice from within the contemporary art context, and are ultimately concerned with what can happen at the place where your trajectories intersect.




- A 6-8 week exhibition at Mumbai Art Room

- An artist fee and a curator fee of INR 10,000 each

- An exhibition budget of up to INR 70,000


Mumbai Art Room will provide critical engagement towards the conceptual development of the project and logistical support towards the production of the exhibition. We will oversee expenditures and do our best with press coverage.




You should be:

- Indian citizens, currently living and working in India

- Under the age of 35

- Open to developing your artistic practice and presenting your curatorial work

- Receiving funding from Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation for the

first time




- A completed basic information form

- Curricula vitae, detailing education, solo or group shows, and,

or, curatorial projects, if any

- A concept note (250 words max) explaining the terms of the proposed collaboration, and a description of the project (500

words max)

- A provisional budget including estimations for research, production and installation, shipping and travel, not exceeding

INR 70,000

- Relevant examples of your individual work

- Check list of submitted work (images, texts, audios, videos,

URLs, etc.)


Guidelines for submitting your work:


IMAGES: Submit up to 10, high in quality but small in size (less than 250KB each)

TEXTS: Submit up to 3 examples, published or unpublished

AUDIO FILES: Submit up to 3 examples of up to 10 minutes each

VIDEOS: Submit up to 3, either URLs if available online or use one of the following upload services only: WeTransfer or Dropbox


Please label your files as following: Name_of_the_project_Budget.xls for proposal related material, and Surname_CV.pdf for individual work.


Images should include captions and we highly encourage you to submit all visual material in one document / portfolio, rather than separate files, ideally in pdf format.


Please send all links and attachments in one email.


The subject of your email should be titled Call for a Collaboration / Name of your project.


Email application materials to:




- The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2015

- Selected applicants will be informed by mid July 2015

- Applicants should make time in their individual schedules to commit to working together and in dialogue with Mumbai Art Room toward the development and realisation of the project during the months of August and September 2015

- The exhibition will open early October and run through November 2015




The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation was established by Indoo Shivdasani in 1976 as a permanent platform for his philanthropic activities. The Foundation focuses on providing scholarships, grants and awards in any field to outstanding young Indians to develop their professional, scientific, artistic and cultural abilities. For more information:



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