Michiko Tsuda: screenings

22 April 2014

6pm - 8pm 

Street outside Mumbai Art Room


As part of the exhibition 'The Meaning of Return’, a selection of magical films, that involve choreographic plays with audiences, mirrors, projectors and cameras by Michiko Tsuda, will be screened on the small side-lane outside the Mumbai Art Room. 



HACHIOJI : Hole in Gap -the crossing of zebra times

Orpheus in the Underworld and Happy World, playing catch, jostle


Michiko Tsuda is an artist born in 1980, Kanagawa, Japan, working experimentally with video and installation. She received a doctorate in Film and New Media Studies from Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2013. She pursues the principles of moving images logically through her artistic practice. She applies this method to document the process of perception of space. 


Her recent group exhibitions include media/art kitchen (Bangkok Art Contemporary Center [BACC], 2013-2014) and GEODESIE (Galerie B-312, Montreal, 2013). She has participated in screenings such as Yogyakarta International Video Festival, the house of natural fiber [HONF], 2009) and CREAM - the International Festival for Art and Media Yokohama (Yokohama, 2009).



Acknowledgements: Japan Foundation, Busa Ba and Bungalow 8.


An event planned jointly by the Trustees of the Contemporary Arts Trust toward more projects in the public spaces around the Mumbai Art Room.